October 2, 2022

August 25, 2022

"Awesome mechanic. I give him two wide thumbs up!!"
February 17, 2021

"Absolute Road Service is all first class. Very pleased with Mustafa’s service and strongly recommend him if you need work done on your rig."
December 28, 2020

"We blew out a brake line on our motorhome just as we were almost at our campground. I tried to find the break but never could. I started calling mobile mechanics and called about a dozen or so. Two of these called me back but were out of state for next several days. One did respond but could not find the leak. I was getting ready to call a wrecker to tow us to a dealer where I knew we would have to leave the coach for no telling how long. Fortunately the dealer was closed for Christmas. We got back to motorhome and my wife started calling more mobile mechanics. Luckily she called ABSOLUTE ROAD SERVICE and talked to Mustafa Sakaloglu. He said he could do the repair and would be on the way. He was there in about 30 minutes and went to work. Took little while but he found where the line had ruptured. With a lot of hard work he got the line off went to parts store got new line came back and put it on , bled the lines and all was in good order. He carefully washed the area to make sure if any brake fluid had gotten on anything it was removed. He was very careful about not getting grease or dirt in the coach. Mustafa is a REAL mechanic and knows his way around a set of wrenches. He was very careful with his tools, cleaning them after use. If you are ever in the area of Fort Myers-Naples and need a mechanic that WILL do the job and do it right, then call ABSOLUTE ROAD SERVICE and speak with Mustafa. I highly recommend this man."
September 7, 2020